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Thermal flashlight tests at the p.irateship

by warren | December 12, 2011 22:29 12 Dec 22:29 | #627 | #627

Built a thermal flashlight at the pirateship today. We need a way to set the base temperature and expected range of temperatures. (see updated code at https://publiclab.org/n/625)

Try it yourself at http://glowdoodle.com or https://editor.p5js.org/jywarren/full/dl7B2Upp-

Thermal flashlight investigation of the pirateship

More at home:

PLOTS Thermal Flashlight: living room

PLOTS Thermal Flashlight: kitchen floor

PLOTS Thermal Flashlight: kitchen windowsill


As you make your own, tag them on Flickr with "thermalflashlight":


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just awesome... but i'm little confused, how many LED you used?

-Shuvojit Das

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This is just a single RGB LED.

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