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Visible-light spectrometer for $2,660, 4-7nm bandwidth

by warren |

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We should find someone who has this so we can test ours against it.

Product Features

i-LAB Visible Spectrometers with Round Vial Adaptor

  • A portable and adaptable instrument for field, lab, or plant
  • Portable unit weighs only 7.4 ounces (210 g)
  • Store up to 100 methods
  • Accurately measures color of solid or liquid samples
  • Easily adapts to collecting raw spectral data or conducting custom analysis measurements
  • Bandwidth: 4 to 7 nm
  • Wavelength range: 400 to 700 nm
  • Dimensions (cm): 6.9 x 12.7 x 4.4 cm
  • Battery: Three (3) AA
  • Source lamp: Solid-state, balanced LED
  • Display: LCD
  • Output: Bi-directional USB
  • Weight: 7.4 oz (210 g)
  • Scan time: User-selectable, from 30 msec
  • Brand: i-LAB
  • Model: V150
  • Part Number: AO-83080-16



Hi. Can you tell me more about what/how you want to compare the two specs?

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well, resolution, sensitivity, etc. I mean it'd be interesting to just scan a material with both and see how close the spectra were, as in:

Oh ok. Why this spec? Because it's a portable instrument, or do you just want to compare to a commercial/professional spec?

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Yes -- both. This is really just a randomly chosen one that is at the low end in price, is portable, has similar range and resolution to what we think ours is. So many people have asked for comparisons of data, and it really is something we have to do... but we may have to settle for whatever spectrometer we can borrow. Do you happen to have one?

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Low end in price can easily be < $700 for a good bench/portable unit like from Ocean Optics (if you're OK with used/calibrated). I seriously considered an Ocean Optics USB2000 unit before deciding it would be more fun to build my own.

So I have not in fact ended up owning my own, but they come highly recommended from friends who do own one.

I don't own one of these, but I do have access to a variety of other specs (all bench-top specs, not portable). I'm planning on doing some comparisons... when I get around to building one!

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