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Web Working Group Monthly Recap 8: Ocobter 2015

by warren | November 09, 2015 21:57 09 Nov 21:57 | #12392 | #12392

Late again this month; apologies! Busy time of year. Let's jump right into it:

MapMill 2.0

This is now online at:

Try it out -- it's early pre-release at the moment. We know of some queueing bugs related to large #s of simultaneous uploads. Hope to hammer them out soon now that it's online.


SSL on

This was launched over the past weekend; we had some issues with, but they are almost completely resolved at this point. Final changes should happen shortly. Thanks for your patience. Read more here:

This was a pain, but is long overdue. Thanks to @icarito for finally pushing it through. We'll make SSL mandatory shortly; some browsers already do this.

We had 7 issues closed by 3 people on this codebase; besides the SSL stuff, mostly smaller things like some @callout testing and tweaking and some email notification fixes; check it out on Github Pulse.

Map Knitter

No changes here; just added a Features sidebar administered from on the dashboard.

The doozy as usual over the past few months -- LOTS of changes. Highlights: a complete test suite of 70+ Jasmine tests of almost every aspect of the JavaScript features in the upcoming 2.0 release. Not full test coverage, but not really all that far from it. Details in the README.

Otherwise, 12 issues closed; check it out on Github Pulse:


This project, for graphing live sensor feeds, is still emerging -- early prototype warning! But check it out:

There are plenty of to-dos, and we have it working both with OpenPipeKit streams on Phant and with InfoAmazonia's sensors.

Thanks again to our contributors, both coders and non-coders -- and if you know any coders who might like to get involved, point the at!


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