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Spectral Workbench Offline

by warren | October 28, 2013 23:31 28 Oct 23:31 | #9677 | #9677

I spoke with some Firefox OS folks at Mozfest this weekend about the "offline manifest" system in modern browsers, and was able to put together a basic offline mode for Spectral Workbench.

How it works: If you log into Spectral Workbench, you will from then on be able to go to whether or not you have an internet connection, on most modern browsers, including on smartphones. It will tell you you're offline but the Capture interface will still work.

However, it obviously cannot save data, and instead will prompt you to download it as images, which you must save and take notes about for later uploading, graphing, etc.

Have fun!


Need more info on this. I tried to do this offline and was not able to capture. I can get to offline but the capture interface does not appear. I get an offline warning.

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Hi, Jim - did you see the blue button that says "Capture Spectra" as in the above screenshot? Were you still unable to get to the capture interface?

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