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Huentek Infragram Webcam tests

by warren | August 29, 2013 17:53 29 Aug 17:53 | #9074 | #9074

Just got a batch of 4 webcams from the Korean company Huentek; Here's the HU203, and I'll post more as I go:

Here's the original:


But in Infragram Sandbox I seem to be able to pull out a reasonable vegetation differentiation, although this may just be because the vegetation is brightest in this scene:


We really need a more standardized testing methodology for webcams; some kind of test plot with grass, stone, dirt, etc.

Here's the HU106 -- not as good as the HU203:




The auto-focusing HUAF303 is more expensive ($18 in bulk), but seems to work quite well; hopefully we'll be able to test this out more thoroughly at LEAFFEST because it seems that cardboard also has a high NDVI value, but I was able to get decent differentiation:

thumb_huaf-303.jpg Screen_Shot_2013-09-05_at_5.38.31_PM.png


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