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Public Lab Research note

Smoothing macro using Spectral Workbench API

by warren | July 19, 2013 15:49 19 Jul 15:49 | #8908 | #8908

What I want to do

We turned off "smoothing" a while ago on the capture interface for Spectral Workbench to speed up the interface, but it's still a useful post-processing tool. I wrote a quick macro (using the Spectral Workbench API) which reproduces smoothing and is configurable. It doesn't yet save, but if it's a popular request, I can add that.

My attempt and results

You can use this macro by clicking "Tools" to the bottom right of the graph in Spectral Workbench, and then "Macros/Scripting". The macro should be near the bottom of the list.

Here's the macro on Github: https://gist.github.com/jywarren/6040039

Here's a video of using the macro:


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