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Great introductory packaging

by warren | April 27, 2016 00:56 27 Apr 00:56 | #13035 | #13035

I recently saw a Photon Particle, a kind of WiFi enabled Arduino that you can program from the web in JavaScript, unboxed, and I was really impressed at the way the packaging not only welcomed the person opening it, but also provided nice initial activities and ideas for them. It was a really nice unboxing, and a reminder to me of how important that moment can be for first-timers.

I just thought I'd share some of this cool open source project's packaging design:




Note especially the insert between the breadboard and circuitboard that shows a basic starter circuit! Very nicely done.


that breadboard sticker ftw!

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Packaging design has always had a strong impact on establishing the brand. I guess this Spark company realizes that so it's made some sweet box for this Photon. The scheme on the manual looks very comprehensive though .

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