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Introducing a new Public Lab website

by warren | April 18, 2013 23:18 18 Apr 23:18 | #6896 | #6896

Many of you know that we've been hard at work on a new website for Public Lab, and today I want to announce that we're ready to launch an open beta of the new site. Thanks to Enrique Piraces, who donated the domain name, the new site is available at the much-shorter

You can log in with your existing username and start using it today:

Beta release reproduces almost all of the major features of the old site, and adds lots of new features and better, smoother, easier interfaces. But not everything is done yet; there will be a few rough edges and we appreciate you posting any issues at:

or by emailing That includes feature requests! Development will continue for some time.


Mobile website

One particularly nice part about the new site is that it works on smartphones; try it out. You can even take a photo directly from the research note posting form, making sharing your work even easier.



A few other great features to look for:


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