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Final Countertop Spectrometer Design

by warren | April 17, 2013 18:29 17 Apr 18:29 | #6878 | #6878

Just wanted to upload build photos of the final built-up countertop design , with the built in light, dimmer, and stage. Its all made of off the shelf parts and can be hand assembled, with the only laser cut part being the acrylic stage (besides what already comes in the Desktop Spectrometry Kit.


I'll attach the stage design file too in a moment.


A full list of different build materials options is here:

Bill of Materials

Part Price Link
1" 2-hub aluminum 2-gang outlet box $9.50 college toolbox: 9.50 special order
Bottom box faceplate $2.51 nylon can be drilled 4 times
Halogen bulb $2.10
Faceplate lasercutting $1.30 done at a local lasercutting shop)
1" Arm tube $3.50
90?? 1" threaded male x slip female $2.00 for 2 -- Genova brand
Cable twist caps $0.30 what gauge?
Rotary dimmer $6.55 220v solution needed - McMaster
Electric cord $2.29 65 125v and at least 18 250v
Plexi stage + lasercutting $2.50 1/4" 4x4", preholed, dangerawesome
Stage clip $0.32

Design files

The acrylic plate design is super simple, but here you are anyways if you want to laser cut it:


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