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Web Working Group Update 14: January + 2016

by warren | February 01, 2017 16:14 01 Feb 16:14 | #13894 | #13894

This #wwg report will be our fourteenth, and also a look back at the past year's worth of work!


To recap some of what I've been writing about recently (#software-outreach), over the past year, we've seen a dramatic shift in how code is produced at Public Lab. We've received new contributions to the code repository from 10 contributors having added code in the first 3 years of the project, to 54 in the past year. January has been a smaller month, but still huge compared to one year ago; more people contributed in the past 30 days than in our first three years:

Excluding merges, 14 authors have pushed 39 commits to master and 58 commits to all branches. On master, 105 files have changed and there have been 1,621 additions and 729 deletions.

Look at the activity in more depth at GitHub Pulse.

I've also been writing (at #software-outreach) about how we've achieved this community growth and our continuing refinements and initiatives to increase both the size of our contributor base, but its diversity, through #first-timers-only outreach strategies. Look at the spike in the past year on this graph!

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Features and changes

Over the past year, the big projects we've launched include:

We've also:

Even just in this past month, we've seen

Summer fellowships

After a fantastic 2016 Google Summer of Code with 5 great students (read more at, we're now applying for the 2017 GSoC program, as well as the Rails Girls Summer of Code program; our project ideas are being compiled at:

We also, with leadership and an **enormous amount of work **from @ananyo2012, participated in Google Code-In over December-January, where we helped dozens of high school students around the world to contribute to Public Lab code. Thanks!


We've also made lots of progress on better understanding and presenting how the Public Lab site works:


Data model:

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Coming up

For the next few weeks, I'm focusing on the Rich Wikis project, with an emphasis on making our wiki pages more interactive. This may include "editable subsections" and commenting and subscriptions. I'm also helping shepherd along projects related to our upcoming Topics page, our planned Geographic features, and more.

What are you interested in seeing built, or helping out with?

And finally, a huge thanks to everybody for such a great year!

P.S. on a closing note, last week we passed 10,000 contributors on Spectral Workbench. What a milestone!

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