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GSoC proposal: Email integration project

by vishesh | February 16, 2018 06:39 16 Feb 06:39 | #15745 | #15745

About me

Name : Vishesh Ruparelia

Email :

Affiliation : International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore - 560100, Member of Zense developers group IIITB.

Github : visheshruparelia

LinkedIn :

Location: Bangalore, India

Project Title: Email integration project

Gitter: visheshruparelia

Project description

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

Send daily digests to the PublicLab users, reply by comments and creating dashboard for users where they can update their notification preferences.


Aim for this project is to improve functionality of Public lab by adding Daily/Weekly digests to Users,allowing them to reply using comments via Email and also provide them with a settings panel where they can manage their preferences of recieving notifications/digests.



What resources will you need: people, documentation, literature, sample data, hardware if applicable


Have you forked the relevant codebases? Installed them in a dev environment such as Need help doing so? Please provide a link to each of the above.


Tell us how you've learned about writing software; what languages you've been learning, if you've worked on other projects, links to GitHub or other code repositories or samples.

Have you looked over our welcome page and are you familiar with how to make your first contribution? Have you already?


Describe teams you've worked with before, whether open or closed source, and in what capacity you participated. Cite examples of how you were self-motivated and self-sufficient.


What about our projects, and Public Lab, interests you? What are you passionate about? Open science, environmental justice?


Whom do you want your work to help? We especially appreciate proposals which make technologies and techniques more welcoming and friendly to those who've often been excluded.


Do you understand this is a serious commitment, equivalent to a full-time summer job? Tell us how you'll structure your schedule from day to day!


Please add more details in your proposal.

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It'd be great also to link to, and collect ideas from, the relevant milestone: and the associated planning issue if there is one! Thanks!

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Vishesh also break your work in subparts. I mean make a weekly schedule, which will help to work in a efficient way.

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Hi, i agree with @mkashyap354 -- that would be great to see that -- and there's some advice here on how to do it and why:

Thank you!!!

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Thank you for your guidance, I'll keep updating the proposal as time goes by :)

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@adudeja please don't spam.

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Hi @vishesh - any updates? Thanks!

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Hi @vishesh you can look at the ideas provided in the @namangupta and @vidit 's proposal for updates too. Also, you can bring in your own ideas Thanks

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