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Gsoc 2018: Final Work Product - Email notification overhaul

by vidit | September 02, 2018 16:13 02 Sep 16:13 | #17039 | #17039


GSoC 2018 (Email Notification Overhaul)


To incorporate feature of recurring digest emails based on user preferences and subscriptions. The project involved complex cron scheduling and incorporation of a queuing backend to support background tasks.


Digest Emails

Integration of Redis and Sidekiq

Redis is a key value based database which is used to support queuing backends like sidekiq. Sidekiq is a queuing backend used to run background jobs and their scheduling. It also provides a dashboard to monitor the tasks running in background. - A ruby gem called "Sidekiq" was integrated - Redis was added as a part of docker compose (used for deployment purposes)


Pull Requests: #2738, #2772, #2782

A mailer was deployed along with a simple email template

A job was created which runs in background to send digest emails. The profile page consists of link to test the feature. Unit tests were written accordingly.

Pull Requests: #2711

Finally the User Interface of digest email template was improved using bootstrap styling


Pull request: #3113


  • Emoji autocomplete feature was incorporated for all the textareas and textfields. Horsey js library was used to make the autocomplete feature!
  • Like via multiple reaction feature was introduced. This feature included polymorphic associations in models. This helps to reuse the like model to operate on answers as well as questions or any note.

Emoji Autocomplete

PRs: #2832

Like via multiple reactions

PRs: #2869, #2926, #2999



PRs and Commits


  • Jeffrey Warren
  • Stevie Lewis
  • Amanda Snow ```


Awesome!!! Thanks, @vidit!

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