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Outreachy proposal: Design a new full-screen User Interface for

by victoria_o_ajala | April 22, 2022 08:53 22 Apr 08:53 | #30553 | #30553

About me

Name: Victoria Ajala



Timezone: GMT + 1

Location: Nigeria

Project description

This project aims at implementing the design of a new full-screen user interface by including changes and fixes to the UI designs, fixing bugs and adding new features in order to build a coherent user experience as an open source community. The Infragram project brings together a range of different efforts to make Do-It-Yourself plant health comparisons possible with infrared photography. It also allows for live streaming from a modified webcam. This project will overhaul the UI of Infragram to be full-screen and create space for new features like multiple resolutions of video, dragging in a recorded video instead of a still image for conversion, and pop up panels with Q&A, tips, tutorials, and more, so that they can feature more helpful guidance text.

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

Improving user experience by redesigning the user interface and creating additional features to make it more interactive and user friendly.


  1. The header text color is not visible enough therefore making it difficult to read, a brighter color should be considered so as to make texts more visible,easy to read and user friendly. image description

  2. Unaligned text in the button The "Ask related question" button tends to be too small for the text. So this makes the remaining part of the text extend out of the button. The button should be extended to make text fit in. image description

  3. Add escape button Esc button to minimize the blank region.

  4. Redesigning the footer

  5. Fix show more and show less button image description

  6. The Infragram webcam doesn't work on firefox


1. Sandbox Redesignimage description


Week 1 May 30th- June 4th

Discuss more  about proposed solutions with mentors.
Discussing about the UI full screen interface design

Week 2 June 5th - June 11th

Adding features like Q&A/Help , Learn More
Review with mentors.

Week 3 June 12th - June 18th

Fixing the control panel
Finalizing the color theme for presets bar

Week 4 June 19th - June 25th

Working on the presets bar and it's tool-tips.
Reviewing design with mentors.

Week 5 June 26th - July 2nd Creating a drag and drop feature. Working on the webcam issue.

Week 6 July 3rd - July 9th

Reviewing with mentors.
Fixing fonts issues.

Week 7 July 10th - July 16th

Re-designing the footer.
Creating a popup welcome modal box.

Week 8 July 17th - July 22nd

Discussing footer designs with mentors.

Fixing bugs that occured

Week 9 July 23rd - Aug 1st

Fix show more button.
Fix other buttons.

Week 10

Aug 2nd - Aug 5th

Improving the responsiveness of the landing page.
Discussing with mentors.

Week 11

Aug 6th - Aug 12th

Completing tasks left.


The supervision and feedback from mentors, and also to give answers to questions.__

First-time contribution

  • Comments, to show overall community involvement (like helping others):


I started learning how to code last year from a free and open source program where I first learnt HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I found it so interesting because I could express my creative skills with it. I've also worked on a couple of projects which included building web pages with CSS5 and HTML, I've dedicated my last several months to improving my skills.


I've worked with a group of three developers, two of us had just started learning how to code, we've worked on a couple of projects together mentored by the senior developer, I was the only female and I was able to share my thoughts and give my opinion concerning every project. So far, I've had a wonderful experience working as a team.


I'm passionate about open source and environmental justice. I live in an African Country (Nigeria) where Agriculture provides the main source of livelihood, however, as the Infragram project helps with the analysis of plant health to make it easier, contributing to the Infragram project to create a better user interaction, to help farmers is something I would love to do. I'm also very passionate about my environment and everything that revolves around it.


My schedule is totally free therefore,I'm available to take a full-time commitment.


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