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Outreachy proposal: Optimize Performance and Accessibility of Public Lab Content.

by uwaobayagbona | April 07, 2020 15:24 07 Apr 15:24 | #23328 | #23328

About Me

Name: Obayagbona Uwagbae Alexander.

Location: Nigeria.

Project Name

Optimizing Performance and Accessibility of Public Lab Content.


Optimizing public lab content for better accessibility to all users and better performance to make for a better, richer user experience.

Proposed Timeline in Weeks for Project Execution

  • Week 1: Determining an accessibility standard to adhere to(keyboard navigation, semantic html and text resizability are what I'd prefer to work on personally).
  • Week 2: Understanding the PublicLab ecosystem and determining the content that would need to be optimised for accessibility, i.e, the scope of the project.
  • Weeks 3, 4 & 5: Determining the approach to be used and starting work on the project.
  • Week 6: Coming up with automated tests to check optimised content.
  • Week 7: Wrapping up work on accessibility standard(s) chosen.
    Working on an accessibility guide to be adhered to going forward.
  • Week 8: Choosing a performance task to work on with mentor(I would like to work on both accessibility and performance).
  • Week 9: Understanding the scope of work to be done and choosing approach to be taken.
  • Weeks 10, 11 & 12: Working on the performance optimisation(s) chosen.
  • Week 13: Testing and rounding up work.


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