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Rollup of mobius pendulum kit ideas

by tonyc | January 27, 2016 00:46 | 67 views | 1 comments | #12623 | 67 views | 1 comments | #12623 27 Jan 00:46

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My First Video Tutorial:


One more:

I included a nylon threaded stud in the kit, thinking it would be possible to attach to the pendulum allowing a camera to be attached with a mini ball tripod head, for oblique photos.

Turned out it was easier than i thought. I tried it like so:

IMG_0040.JPG And it turns out to be super strong. The zip tie binds into the rubber band when you tug on it, and I managed to do a swing test at "whoosh-whoosh" speeds in the office. It is not falling off!

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