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quick and dirty lanyard attachment for mobius camera

by tonyc | January 26, 2016 00:17 26 Jan 00:17 | #12619 | #12619

What I want to do

provide a failsafe attachment to a mobius camera for aerial photography applications

My attempt and results

One design issue with mobius cams is the lack of a simple lanyard attach point. I thought about drilling out one in the housing, but then noticed there is a bit of daylight visible through the backmost hole in the camera body:


This allows a paperclip to pass through, which could then become an attach point to tie off a string up to the flyline, in case of failure of the camera mount.


Questions and next steps

Why I'm interested

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Wow, that's great, and so elegant! I'd never noticed that hole.

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I wanted to verify the paperclip wasn't in danger of shorting anything out inside the camera, so opened it up to find it can come in contact with the battery pack, but the pack is wrapped and nothing looks in danger of causing a problem.

It might be worth ensuring the portion of the clip that passes through the camera is flat as possible, so minimize how much space it takes up, especially when rotating the clip around.

Here's what is inside: IMG_1304.JPG

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