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Mobius Picavet Rig

by tonyc | January 21, 2016 19:36 21 Jan 19:36 | #12598 | #12598

What I want to do

Create a picavet configuration for the mobius actioncam, using readily available materials

My attempt and results

So, I wouldn't publish this if the connection wasn't stronger than this looks. It's a happy accident that the dimensions of the mobius camera are perfect to shove into the maw of a wooden clothespin, just so the back edges fit the recess. This camera pops into place and is locked in.


Then I shove the ends into the PVC tubing. It is locked in place, but can be secured even more with a thumbtack.

I put a pilot hole in the PVC using an awl, then used a pair of scissors (or actually, one scissor...) to ream it out to allow a chopstick to pass through.

The rings are just binder clips, small enough to get a good bite even on the tapered ends.

the whole thing looks rickety as heck, but each part of it is stronger than it looks. Additinal measures could be taken to provide failsafes, but I'd fly this thing, so thought I'd share it here.

Questions and next steps

Fly one. Add minimal camera protection, especially around lens.

Why I'm interested


Those binder clips are a great idea. I like the four different colors. Does the Public Lab Mobius come with the slide-on holder? That has a tripod socket that might be put to good use. It would also add some mass to the camera which might be useful for getting the Picavet to level itself. I'm not sure the camera has enough mass to level the Picavet by itself. So the camera might settle in at a jaunty angle and take a lot of oblique photos before a gust dislodges it.

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It does come with the holder, and I've been playing a bit with the tripod socket and finding ways to use it without throwing the balance out.

I agree this version is too short to self level, but with addition of a little length it acts much better:


I went ahead and strung this rig up, using a new idea for attaching to pole kit. the pole kit now ships with a length of pvc rigid tubing to give more stability, but happy accident, it's just the size to prevent a carabiner from passing on the pole. So simple solution to picavet mount on the pole is to slide the hardware to the down-side, pass biner through the screw hole on that, and click other end above the PVC. Thusly:


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One more:


based on @gvillasenor work I found laying on the desk, got idea for simple lens/camera protection. Using a solo cup (jello shot sized), I cut a square hole out of the bottom, then used some foam tape from our pole kit supplies. Into the foam tape, cut a small "X" then stick the X directly over the square hole, with x to the corners.


then stuck the lens through the foam tape, and it popped cleanly through. Note: the adhesive is not what keeps the cup attached, but rather the force of the lens pressing out on the foam.

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good work!

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Here's one photo with the day's work in one place:


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I like these approaches. Lens/camera protection via the solo cup and foam tape should at least provide initial one-time impact protection, maybe more.

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