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Outreachy proposal by narnt

by thayshi | November 01, 2018 16:02 01 Nov 16:02 | #17455 | #17455

About me

I'm Maria Nebesnaya. Here are more information about me

@narnt on github and gitter

Affiliation (University of the People)

Location: (Russia)

Project description

Expand community collaboration statistics and visualization system for

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

Building community collaboration statistic system that will efficiently collect and appear data.


There are several pages with statistics those needs to get a coherent shape.


I'm to late to make mockups, but I have some ideas.

I would like to see the main stats page more descriptive. In example, maybe those lines can be a table:


In the past week: __________posted_________ joined

________________________16 notes________984 people

________________________76 wiki edits

In the past month:_________posted__________joined

_______________________73 notes_________4005 people

_______________________340 wiki edits


Maybe I'wrong, but for me a table will be more descriptive.

We have 6 type of entries: notes, wiki, question/answers, comments and separatly tags. I think about a table like this:


Notes________ Wiki_________ Questions________ Answers________ Comments_________________ period

tags: |_______________|


In default it will show statistics in graphs for the whole period (and all entries type) from start, or maybe for this year. Than we can choose one or several types of entries, we can set period; below, in a tag field, we can add a tag to those querys and get a graph. Maybe in the right side will appear the most used tags for this query (if tags not chosen).


Mainly I worked on frontend tasks, but I want to expand my backend skills and work on it. I also will work in frontend tasks.

I like interactivity, animation and effects. Although it's not the most necessary part, it will make the project more descriptive and friendly for users, and it can be helpful. So if others won't mind and I will have finished other tasks, I will work on this.


keep learning progect code base

keep learning Ruby on Rails

keep working on issues

test PublicLab website

make some issues, include fto

break up break-me-up issues

fit into the PublicLab community

Outreachy weeks:


discuss functionality, design, project tasks

consider expanding interface design project

discuss which order tasks should be done


discuss how must be standardized range page

break it up if it's needed

make an issue (issues) for it and perform this task

#3 & #4

review my code and think what I can improve

make first-time-poster tag script that will add this tag to all first-time posts

discuss stats page for subscribers for each tag, if it's needed

make issues for it and start working


finish work on the stats page for subscribers for each tag

start working on stats for tags most used in this period


finish work on stats for tags most used in this period

make an issue (issues) for questions and answers statistics page

work on it


make an issue for making mirroring between stats and tags pages closer

work on it

make an issue for bar graph and work on it


test stats pages

fix bugs

review and improve interface of those static pages if it's needed

#9 & #10

make a date selector

add an ability to click bar graphs to open that actual collection of items in a view

improve interface

if I missed something in this plan, it's time to do this

#11 & #12

review my code

test and fix bugs

if others don't mind, discuss and apply some css animation to interactive elements


I will need helps from mentors to review my code. And it would be great to discuss improvements, ideas, and code with other contributors and mentors.

First-time contribution

... and several in progress


Two years ago I had started with learning html, css, and javascript because it was interesting and I was making a visual novel. I learned it on Russian websites. Then I had improved my English and started reading English articles about programming and documentations for programming languages, frameworks or other tools.

In this way I learned html, css, javascript, web animation, python, react, react native, less, sass, and so on. I also participated in the Django Girls workshop, and then continued learning Django.

I have never worked as programmer yet, but I fond of programming and participated in several projects. And this year I went to the college for pursuing BS in CS.


I worked in small teams in two game development projects. I performed tasks mainly in front-end (include web-animation and css/js effects), but also in back-end, sound design, image processing._

Working in a team makes me happier :)


I fond of open source and open science too. Maybe now I don't have enough knowledges to do something meaningful for environmental, but I want to get those knowledges. Now I just try to decrease and sort my garbage, but in my country, I'm not sure what happens with sorted garbage then. When I was younger, I dreamed to become an alternative energy sources engineer, but then I didn't have possibilities to go to studying, and I denied from it. So if I can do something for better future and present, I will be glad. If I can do it with programming - I will do it.


Todays and future PublicLab community and other people who want to improve environment.


Thanks for posting your draft! Please also look at other proposals and leave comments -- we are our best when we cooperate!

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Hi @thayshi, nice to see your proposal. As the deadline is approaching, please complete your proposal. Design the timeline which you think would be appropriate for the completion of the project and your convenience. I know you contribute to Public Lab codebase so why not mention your contributions here :) .Thanks!

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Hi @thayshi - i echo @gauravano's comments, and encourage you to fill out your proposal a bit more. I can see you've read others' proposals, and thank you for the kind words for your fellow contributors! A look at some of the past proposals and your fellow applicants' proposals will give you a sense of the kind of detail and information we're looking for. Feel free to focus on things you find interesting and fulfilling about the project -- that's some of the more interesting parts about different proposals to us as we review them!


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