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Barataria Low Altitude Balloon Mapping

by thalamka | September 11, 2014 19:21 11 Sep 19:21 | #11129 | #11129

What I want to do

Documentation of Barataria area of Mississippi River delta south of New Orleans, Louisiana.

My attempt and results

Balloon mapping along the coast in Barataria for updated gulf-coast mapping.

Questions and next steps

Continuation of documentation along the coast.

Why I'm interested

The disappearance of the gulf-coast happens at an alarming rate and as a result of multiple human infrastructural interferences. Through balloon mapping, we can bypass expensive and bureaucratic options and disseminate the disappearance of the gulf for research and public understanding.


snowy egrets on RL side of Channel are identified by being

white small unrelated to other white objects

ancillary info is that snowy egrets were seen from the boat during the flight, even though all of the white small objects by themselves may not be snowy egrets...

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