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Picking a venue for a Barnraising event

by stevie | July 19, 2018 20:16 19 Jul 20:16 | #16753 | #16753

The venue for the Barnraising is flexible in many ways. The event can be hosted at a school, an office space, it has even been hosted in a barn! Here are some things you should look for or keep in mind in choosing your venue:

It’s helpful for Barnraising event spaces to have:

  • one larger room that can fit everyone comfortably with some space to moving around
  • two smaller break-out rooms,
  • chairs/ tables that can be moved,
  • a blank wall for putting the schedule together (it's an unconference style event, so we'd need about a 10x5ft space on a wall or board),
  • a small kitchen area is helpful,
  • a space people can eat,
  • bathrooms (including gender neutral bathrooms),
  • a place for people to get away from the event activities if they need some alone time,
  • access and space for outdoor activities,
  • parking,
  • access to the space between early in the morning for setting up and in the evening for people to continue evening activities,
  • stable internet, and projectors if available.

Providing accommodations: If you will be providing accommodations for your event, some other things to consider are the event venue's proximity to the housing. Remember what is considered "walking distance" is different for everyone. Consider having a van or vehicles available to help people get to and from the event venue and where the accommodations will be.

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