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Of the Earth Harvest Boxes

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To reduce food insecurity and address health disparities, Harvest Boxes are a traditional spin on government commodity boxes, that offer seasonally, locally sourced foods to members of the Narragansett Indian Tribe.

Delivered four times a year, harvest boxes aim to offer foods, once considered part of the Narragansett's traditional diet; Where a traditional diet includes foods acquired through hunting, fishing, shell fishing, gardening and foraging. The main goals of the foods chosen aside from reducing food insecurity, are to encourage healthy eating by providing access to healthier, local grown foods, and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Currently, Harvest Boxes cater to tribal elders and have grown to include all members residing in households with elders present. Going forward, we aim to provide seasonal Harvest Boxes to any and all tribal households in Rhode Island that sign up. With assistance from the Narragansett Tribal Farm and Narragansett Tribal Greenhouse, Harvest Boxes aim to become a permanent operation within the Narragansett Indian Tribe.

image description_A glimpse of several items included in a Harvest Box for a two person household. _

image description_Items included in the third Harvest Box round. _

Harvest Box Breakdown

image description

Items Included in Harvest Boxes

image description


Harvest Boxes made possible with generous donations and sponsorship from The Narragansett Indian Tribe, Brown University Superfund Research Program, Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, Brown University Community Engagement Core, Frickel Lab at Brown, NIEHS/SRP Program, Kenyon's Grist Mill, Kristine Jones and M'askeht Herbs, Amy Vinal and Woodstock Farm, Shane Weeks and the Shinnecock Tribe of Long Island, NY, Richmond Farms Fresh Market, Belmont Marketplace, Zephyr Farm, Southside Community Land Trust, and Narragansett Tribal members Pearl Brown, Sierra Spears, Sharon Alexander and Steven Smith.image description image description


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