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RGSoC proposal: Rich Editor Extras

by soniya2903 | March 01, 2018 12:05 01 Mar 12:05 | #15846 | #15846

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About me

Names: Soniya Vyas & Shital Mule

Affiliation :- Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Islampur, Maharashtra

Location: Sangli

Email :,

We both are perceiving B.Tech in computer science.

Project description

Rich Editor Extras require better user interfaces for various inline power tags. This will need Bootstrap, HTML UI work on the PublicLab. Also the project needs to be integrated with website backend.

Abstract/summary (<20 words):

Create better User Interfaces for inserting inline power tags.


There is need of better User Interfaces, since if we have a look at the applications today, they have multiple features endorsed in it. Hence to compete with these many applications , there has to be awesome interface with as many as possible features. It avoids the inconvenience of the user as well who will use it. And also last but not least, for a good Editor the user interface with many features is the real key.


Week1(July 1 to July 8):-

Understanding the code base

Week 2(July 9 to July 15):-

Study inline power tags

Week 3, Week 4, Week 5(July 16 to August 5):-

Designing of UI


Implementation of inline power tags like Activity grids, Question grids, maps


Week 6, Week 7(August 6 to August 19):-

Implementation of Inline Maps, Inline Graphs, Prompts

Week 8, Week 9(August 20 to September 2):-

Integration with website backend

Week 10(September 3 to September 10):-

Review of the work done so far

Week 11(September 11 to September 17):

Final Testing

Week 12(September 18 to September 24):-

Submission of project


The only resources required will be online documentation, materials. Mentors will be required the most.

First-time contribution

We still don't have any contribution to the site, as of now. Still we will try to contribute before the project starts.


We both have sound knowledge of Python, Java. We are still beginners in Ruby on Rails.

Link :-








We have not work together. If this opportunity is given to us then this will be our first chance to be as a team.


Public Lab is platform for the environmetal concerns. By this platform it desires to change the attitude of people to look towards environmental, social, etc. Hence , this give us more enthusiasm to get along with Public Lab.


Our work will help the society since the ultimate motivation is to change the way people look towards the world in environmental, social, political terms.


Given this chance to us, we will make sure each day we spent come out with fruitful result and at the end the desired outcome is achieved.


Hi, this is a great start. It would be great if you'd take a first step at making a small contribution to our code, at -- we're happy to help you get started!

I also wanted to note that we have a lot of issues we'd like to solve in JavaScript over on the Editor project:

Take a look! We'd love your help!

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Yeah I agree with Jeffrey sir. You should try out some existing issues and post them into your proposal Thanks

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