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SPN-VEG - NDVI software for windows freeware

by sneves | November 10, 2015 13:56 10 Nov 13:56 | #12393 | #12393


I'm a researcher and developer of software in Portugal. Here, I present the SPN-VEG software, is image processing software to calculate e analyse NDVI images captured by changed photograh cameras, like as publiclab contributors uses.

This software are in constant development, so, all cotntributions are welcome. At the moment only works at OS Windows 64 bits. I'm working at new version to work at more OS systems.

In attachment I show my webpage, where you can request the software: or you can send an email to At this moment the webpage are in Portuguese, but I'm working to add English version and others languages.

I hope this software help you. Any kind of coments are welcome to improve the software.

Best regards, Samuel Neves



The software was transfered to another website( ). There you can acess more information about software or contact with me to improve the software.

I would like express my thanks to try this application. For that, thank you. The new version of software it's be ready in soon!

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