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Mapping Lead-Free Water

by smmontgom | August 21, 2016 16:53 21 Aug 16:53 | #13377 | #13377

As I'm sure folks on this forum are aware, lead is toxic, particularly in children where it can cause permanent brain damage leading to reduced IQ, ADHD, symptoms of autism, and memory disruption, among many other problems. Recently lead has been showing up in our drinking water all across the country, and officials have been found systematically delaying and even falsifying public testing records.

We recently launched CitizenSpring on Kickstarter to provide an app that empowers individuals to test their water and crowdsource the data to see where it's safe for us and our families to drink and to hold our public officials accountable.


We have 10 days left on our Kickstarter campaign and very much need your support.

Please share our campaign with your friends (or strangers). Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Share with EVERYONE!

If you know anybody in the media/blogosphere, particularly that are into tech-mom/dad or social-good/citizen-science type projects or projects more generally that use technology to solve real world problems (and also think that kids getting brain damage is a bummer), please send them our campaign information. Please send an email to if you'd like to get our press kit or connect directly about potential partnership/synergy with projects you're working on.

Thanks, Sean


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