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Public Lab Research note

Pesticide Monitoring Data Website

by silverhammer | April 14, 2014 16:09 14 Apr 16:09 | #10306 | #10306

What I want to do

I want to take the work I've done on testing pesticide levels in raspberries, etc. and develop a way to get this information into a format that is easier to follow and use. That work can be found under my profile here:


My attempt and results

I built a website on my site. It uses graphs and a map to show what we are seeing and where we found it.

Website is here:



Questions and next steps

Lots of questions, main one is - is this easier to understand? Can people use it? Next step is to get the other things getting tested into the site as well as update the raspberry work (do another sample).

Why I'm interested

I want to see if I can take the fairly dense information that I originally presented and make it easier for people to follow.


Am I missing a link to the website itself? I'd love to play around with it a bit.

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Yikes! Sometimes I operate at a special level of oblivious. I edited the research note and put in the link as well as here... http://mylatech.com/pages/pesticidemonitoring

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@silverhammer what is going on with your website?

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