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new USGS wetlands map

by Shannon | June 03, 2011 14:57 | 27 views | 1 comments | #324 | 27 views | 1 comments | #324 03 Jun 14:57

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New map out from the USGS on wetland loss in Louisiana- one of the things that we can monitor using different PLOTS tools such as aerial mapping and infrared.

And why should we all care about wetland loss? Here's a nice synopsis...


Shannon sent me these links too:

I usually use the 1 football field size per 30 minutes to be on the safe size since it actually averages out to every 15 minutes- this is a janky article, but obviously they have cut and paste from other sources, the LDWF has better information, but just an FYI:

Here are a couple more LA specific reading links about this:

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