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Air column monitor components

by Shannon | June 13, 2012 10:52 | 56 views | 5 comments | #2469 | 56 views | 5 comments | #2469 13 Jun 10:52

Current listing of the air column monitor sensor board:

Wind Speed Hot wire sensor from Modern Device -- as air is blown through the arms, resistance is measured to determine wind speed

Wind Direction A tilt-compensated compass requires that the entire unit turn in the direction that the wind is facing (hence tail/weather vein on balloon concept) LSM303 -

Barometer Measures pressure and temperature. Calculates altitude by manually setting the current sea pressure level at the location. BMP085 -

Temperature and Humidity DHT22 -

Optical Dust Sensor Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F -

VOC MiCS-5121 -

O3 MiCS-2611 -

CO MiCS-5521 -

NO2 MICS-2710 -

XBee Series 2 Pro Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) transmitter. Up to 1-mile communication to a receiver, attached to a computer (or potentially another Arduino that is Ethernet connected) with Antenna:


I'm excited to buy these components and try out flying one-- are the some circuit diagrams around?

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If its related to or descended from the air quality egg there's this diagram and bill of materials on upverter:

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There should be a note that was posted from EcoHack by Ed Borden, I'll dig

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nice jeff, that looks like the circuit diagram. Are there also some eagle files for the board? Arduino code? no rush, but it would be nice to be able to just print and assemble.

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