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Public Lab community newsletter 5.11.12

by Shannon | May 21, 2012 14:26 21 May 14:26 | #2155 | #2155

Mapping trips in Louisiana and California, an incredible amount of work done on the infrared/visible camera rig and beautiful community-generated maps printed directly from MapKnitter... that's what the Public Lab community has in store this week!

1) Infrared camera documentation is coming together. There have been a bunch of great notes (some highlighted below) posted in the last week, but an overview and guide can be found here.

2) A new place page has been posted for the Mildmay community in London, UK. This project is being led by students from University College London ExCiteS that have been working with the Mildmay Community Centre on joint Public Lab and ExCiteS projects.

3) You can now print directly from! This was announced awhile back, but buried under a ton of other things that were also happening, so we want to make sure everyone is aware.

4) Hey San Francisco/Bay area mappers! Tomorrow, Saturday 5/12, people will be gathering at Delores Park at 1pm. Come and join to learn about balloon mapping while making a map of the park. Contact for more information.

5) And Southeast Louisiana! On Monday, May 14th, people will be mapping at Big Branch. For more information or to join the mapping trip, contact

6) Public Lab will be participating in an environmental justice encuentro in Houston next week. From Tuesday-Thursday, we'll be with Global Community Monitor, Air Alliance Houston and the Pacific Institute who will be doing community mapping and air monitoring at Galena Park and Thursday-Friday we will be at the encuentro, where I (Shannon) will be talking about the (air column monitor)[] that is in-development.

7) Finally, highlights of research notes from this past week: * the Hills have Acne: passenger pigeon photos of drill sites out west (posted by eustatic) * Flight-ready MK111 timer (posted by cfastie) * Hamster ball air quality mapping: code and circuit diagram (posted by sara for byeongwon) * Sketches for a self-contained, portable spectrometer using a Raspberry Pi (posted by warren) * Stitched panoramas from the PLOTS IR tool (posted by cfastie) * NIR proof of concept: Trout Lily (posted by cfastie) * Map of the Arroyo Mocho neighborhood, Livermore, CA (posted by gonzoearth for Pat Coyle)

As always, if we missed something, please either send it out to the listserve or email your content to to be included in the next newsletter. Best wishes for your weekend, Shannon


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