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Air Column Monitor notes: 5.2.12 meeting

by Shannon | May 02, 2012 16:42 02 May 16:42 | #1890 | #1890

There was a successful balloon launch on Wednesday- launched sensor unit- was great had to run at 5v- want to run it at 1.8v (sourcing sensors at this)- for resolution (for ADC). Using 2560- part of problem? Breaking into small group to discuss further.

Group of data visualizers- Vizzuality- would like to start coordinating with them- what can they make the feeds of data look like. Public Lab side- sensor info (even though it starts as CSVs of #s). Interested in starting more communication with them about what a geographic communication could look like- related to air column monitor?

Use CartoDB- egg community will be using- visualizing the air column is a new challenge for them- a 3D piece of data- single location, single GPS point with 3D structure- could get some of them involved. Column is a single lat/long with 3D on top of it. Ricardo suggested- time lapse color coded image- this might be a suggestion.

Next steps: part of long-term goals- "invisible city" - 12th- hack day- week before Houston- dev. hackathon- Joe/Ed ordering supplies Will send what they already have made to Shan- one board- populated with sensors- also send egg shell - ACM board currently not "user friendly" When using computer- Joe is working on a log that will run- running list of dev. notes- weekend of 12th, Joe will have app running 15-30 seconds pushed to a feed on

AQE also interested in measuring "invisible city"- progress of egg gets inherited by air quality monitor. Egg is designed to function in a certain way- to get it to work on the balloons- there is a different wireless system- need to get it into a deployable form. Other part is application form.

Come up with a story- about user experience- how the work on AQE naturally flows into this- have in Houston- what does the experience look like- what is the interaction with the intended audience. User experience- process- guides- on the Public Lab side. Needs to be fleshed out how to move from monitor to Pachube to Vizzuality. How to engage separate communities to build on top of the framework.

Joe and Shannon work on user experience scenarios.


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