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A list for “plots-organizers”

by Shannon | April 26, 2012 21:56 26 Apr 21:56 | #1806 | #1806

Initially sent to the "PLOTS-team" email list...

At the staff meeting in Oakland two weeks ago, we discussed expanding and formalizing the Public Lab "team" email list to include a wider range of people that are both key organizers in their communities and key contributors to the Public Lab community through work on things such as the website and communications. We’re interested in figuring out the best way to go about re-launching the “team” list as an “organizers” list (at the email address “”), but would like to ensure that the list will continue to include people who are actively involved in the Public Lab community, either online or offline in their own communities.

That said, we’re hoping to get some input from all of you that have been involved in the team list thus far. Some of our initial thoughts in terms of expanding the “organizers” list were to have some criteria for new members of the list -- such as a short statement on “how your work relates to the mission of the Public lab community” -- paired with a clear posted description of the list, it’s function, and how to apply. Those of us on the current “team” list could draft this.

Criteria could include:

  • a nomination (person nominating provides statement about why they are nominating) and 2 supporting nominations (i.e. an existing member nominates someone and 2 others would say “i second that” and “i third that”)
  • self-nomination (a short statement about your work and the mission statement) + 2 supporting nominations
  • other ideas?

The second thing that we’re hoping for is to generate a list of initial candidates that would be a good first round to add to the organizer list (a wiki page has been started for nominations and criteria). For the first round, once nominations are complete (please submit by next Wednesday, 5/2) we would post the list and request a response from the nominee as to whether they are interested in being involved in the organizer team or not.

Once there is a more robust organizers list, we’re hoping that this will serve not only as a resource for organizers, but as a list that people can email to for advice from people that have been involved in Public Lab projects.

So out of this, if people would contribute ideas on the following by Wednesday 5/2 it would be appreciated (please feel free to “respond all” or edit the wiki page mentioned above):

  1. Any suggestions/recommendations on structuring the organizers list
  2. What criteria should people have identified to be added to the organizers list?
  3. Who would you nominate to be a member of the organizers list?


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