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Public Lab community newsletter 10.12.12

by Shannon | October 13, 2012 01:02 13 Oct 01:02 | #4378 | #4378

This week in the Public Lab community newsletter... new maps from the Netherlands, upcoming workshops and calls to submit ideas for an environmentally focused hackathon, spectrometer updates and a posting for a new staff member to help support the quickly growing Public Lab community. Enjoy!

  1. Public Lab is hiring. The nonprofit arm of Public Lab is hiring a Development Manager. If you or someone you know is interested in applying, the closing date is October 23rd and we're looking for a person to be based in New Orleans or Boston.

  2. Barn raising update. We've had a great response to the barn raising with over 30 attendees coming from across the U.S. and a couple international locations. If the thought of not spending a weekend with 30 others discussing the ethics of participating in civic science projects, testing out spectrometers, fishing, canoeing, mapping and grilling in the wetlands of Louisiana is too much to bear, come on down!

  3. Spectrometry educational materials. On the plots-spectrometry list, we are gathering "activities" for spectrometer usage, with an emphasis on sharing classroom curricula. We're hoping to have a number of these activities in place by the time people start receiving their DIY Spectrometry Kits.

  4. Spectrometer Kit progress. More prototype designs are being posted for the DIY Spectrometry Kit, both the papercraft and desktop kit versions. New contributors are also posting designs for emission spectrometry setups and tackling the intensity calibration problem. Also, a draft of the Spectral Workbench API has been posted.

  5. EcoHack3 call for talks. Submit your 5-minute Ignite-style talks to pitch your idea for weekend hacking in NYC on Nov. 9-10, 2012.

  6. New maps from the Netherlands. Posted to the Public Lab archive last week were new maps from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Axel.

  7. Upcoming NYC workshop. If you're in NYC on October 25th, Liz Barry will be hosting a workshop on balloon aerial mapping and map stitching. Please RSVP directly to

  8. Public Lab upcoming talks. Mathew Lippincott will be presenting this Sunday (October 14th) at State of the Map in Portland about links between OpenStreetMap and Public Laboratory. Sara Wylie and I will be presenting at the Society for Social Studies of Science conference in Copenhagen next Friday.

  9. Research notes

Sky Tracks (posted by cfastie) Map of Bayou Bienvenue CIAP restoration (posted by eustatic) Software for structure from motion (posted by nedhorning) Flight temperature (posted by cfastie) Carbon Arc (posted by B. Williams) Comparison of oil samples and residue in UV light (posted by warren)

Have a great weekend! As always, if anything was missed, please post a research note, send out to the list or email for inclusion in the newsletter next week.


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