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Thermal flashlight with supply list links

by Shannon | January 27, 2012 16:14 27 Jan 16:14 | #722 | #722

Consumable Parts

If you are starting from scratch

  • a 40Watt soldering Iron (if you want it to be permanent otherwise duct tape or Velcro works temporarily)
  • hookup wire (solid not stranded- 24 gauge)
  • pliers called "wire strippers" to get the plastic wrap off the hookup wire
  • solder for 40Watt iron, lead-free.
  • a breadboard. If you aren't soldering: If you are soldering:
  • a USB cable to connect the arduino to the computer via USB for power 5Volts
  • household sponge for cleaning solder off tip
  • duct tape or something for the back of breadboard.


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