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Balloon Mapping In Edgard, LA

by scienceteacher7171 | April 30, 2021 15:04 30 Apr 15:04 | #26416 | #26416

WSJH students learned how to capture aerial views with balloon mapping. Pictures were taken of our research site using Public Labs Balloon Mapping kit. This was the first time students had exposure to balloon kit, Public Labs representative Purl visited our school to conduct a session with the students on how to use the balloon to capture aerial shots. image description


Great to see this. Would like to know more: camera used, first map, students observations.

Hi, @patcoyle, my students will be making their post about their observations after testing. The camera used was an inexpensive digital camera I don't recall the brand but once I receive our pictures I will post so you can judge the quality. This was our first time mapping and the students were excited to be apart of the experience.

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