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Thermal Camera NYC workshop 2

by sara | January 17, 2012 15:35 | 1,971 views | 4 comments | #694 | 1,971 views | 4 comments | #694 17 Jan 15:35

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Yesterday January 17th members of public lab gathered in NYC to learn a bit about creative electronics with Lief Percifield and Joe Saavedra. We learned the basics of electricity and working with arduino. We also successfully built prototypes of the thermal camera. We are are working on an illustrated step by step guide for others to use to get started. Till that comes online here are some of thermal pictures we made


they look great! I'll bring you some VHS boxes, or if you can find a blockbuster going out of business, grab 'em -- they make great containers for the thermal flashlights, and basically prevent that bright streaking from where the LEDs are shining directly at the camera.

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Silly question, but how do you get the image files themselves? With glowdoodle there is only an option to upload the images to the web, not to actually save the file. Do you do a screenshot and then save that?

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Hey you can also find your images on glow doodle by clicking through the recently submitted images gallery:

Once you have found your image, click "share" and you can email it to yourself.

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That does require a net connection though, of course.

Screenshots it is then.

Going to play with my DSLR though, and see how things turn out using long time exposures.

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