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DIY Light Delta kite (Rogallo wing)

by Safidy | July 26, 2012 21:29 26 Jul 21:29 | #2962 | #2962

I used Kitemodeler for designing this kite and here are some dimensions.

KiteModeler 1.4b beta-20 Oct 04 --NASA Glenn

Delta Kite - 1 inch Plastic Tail, Nylon Line Plastic Surface, Tail = 30.0 cm,Line = 102 m Lift = 1638.286 ,Drag = 729.26,Tension = 1112.565 gm H1 = 127.0cm,H2 = 38.1cm,W1 = 254.0cm Surface = 20967.7 sq cm Frame = 359.2 cm Cg = 76.488 cm,Cp = 95.25 cm,AR = 3.076 Bridle = 184.1 cm Knot = 130.1 cm Trim Angle = 15.125,Torque = -0.425 gm-cm, Earth,Alt = 0,Wind = 2.9 m/sec, Range = 69,Height = 81 m

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I really love how you blur out the background. it makes your labeled photo much easier to read.

great plan-- can't wait to see it.

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How does it fly?

It looks very similar to some of the Horvath kites, especially the Urban Ninja.

The Urban Ninja is a very interesting kite. The plans are available for free on that site. You don't have to use the exact materials that he specifies. I made mine with Tyvek and wood and it flew well. Not as well as the Icarex and carbon fiber, I'm sure.

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