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Oil and Gas Monitoring Fellowship Update:

by rollinrenola | November 05, 2019 16:55 | 57 views | 1 comments | #21402 | 57 views | 1 comments | #21402 05 Nov 16:55

Week 7 Oil and Gas Monitoring Update

Fellowship planning updates ( November 4th - November 12th )

  • I have been sending out emails to contacts that have made over the years that have worked in Coastal restoration, Oil & Gas, Wildlife and Environmental research.
  • Fellowship Openhour event will be held on November 12th 8Pm I hope that all of my contacts are able to show.

  • I plan to survey community members from surrounding parishes near bodies of water (St Bernard Parish , Orleans Parish, St Charles Parish) for feed back on Oil & Gas impact in their communities.

  • Check on Global Green space for event on the 19th of November, I will contact local youth groups and college environmental departments for outreach for the event.
  • I plan to contact a a local restaurants for food and drinks for the event.


My Contacts John Lopez and Charles Allen have both confirmed for our open hour

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