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Introduction: I'm Rollin, A new Neighborhood oil & gas water monitoring fellow

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HI, I'm Rollin Black, I'm working as a neighborhood Water monitoring Methods Fellow. I live in New Orleans La and I'm excited to work with my Public Lab team. I am also the Director of Habit restoration

for the Center for Sustainable engagement and development. Our purpose is to rehabilitate regional wetlands as well restoring our natural environment, and building food security by providing our residence with affordable food via community gardens and urban agriculture initiatives.

I am New to the Public lab community, my background has consisted of creating community science workshops and service-learning opportunities, focusing on identifying sustainable solutions to regional climate challenges. I believe that the whole restoration of Louisiana's coast must include intentional residential engagement.

What We're Doing

The Monitoring Methods Fellowship is part of the Oil & Gas Fellows Trio, and gives me an opportunity

to research and document water monitoring methods used by to collect evidence on the environmental

impacts of the oil & gas industry. Our focus will be on:

  • We will be researching and monitoring areas of New Orleans and surrounding cities to advocate for changes and improvements on the quality of air and water in our community.
  • Our research should allow us to connect with members of our community, universities and other states officials to into better understanding issues that are plaguing the residence.



Rollin, so nice to see your post. I love that your intention is to link food security with the wetlands rehabilitation. Food is so critical and is really being affected by climate change and other factors. So, you definitely have the perfect goals in mind for your city. Looking forward to the work you and the other fellows will be doing. Love where you live, too. I visited LUMCON with Public Lab and I'll never forget the fish jumping late at night in the bayou--well worth fighting for. :)

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