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Outreachy proposal: Comment Editor Overhaul

by preciousakams new contributor | October 29, 2020 10:12 29 Oct 10:12 | #24862 | #24862

About me

Name: Precious Akams

Email: preciousakams@yahoo.com

Github Handle: kamzzy

Location: Nigeria

Timezone: GMT+1

Project description

The purpose of this project is to perform system testing across variants.

This will bring about an improved user experience


1st Dec -7th Dec: Getting acquainted with the software and community.

The remaining weeks is grouped into 4 project phases

Phase 1: System test on comments across variants

8th Dec -14th Dec: tests on Question Editor

15th Dec - 21st Dec: tests on Research note editor

22nd Dec - 28th Dec: tests on Wiki editor

Phase 2: System test on comment responses across variants

29th Dec - 4th Jan: tests on Question Editor

5th Jan -11th Jan: tests on Research note editor

12th Jan - 18th Jan: tests on Wiki editor

Phase 3: System test on question comments across variants

19th Jan - 25th Jan: tests on Question Editor

26th Jan -1st Feb: tests on Research note editor

2nd Feb - 8th Feb: _tests on Wiki editor

Phase 4: System test on question comment responses across variants

9th Feb - 15th Feb: tests on Question Editor

16th Feb - 22nd Feb: tests on Research note editor

23rd Feb - 1st March: tests on Wiki editor


I would need the Help of the mentor and fellow contributors if I get stuck.

First-time contribution



I started as a self taught developer, interned at SheHacks Africa and Hng, after the internships I continued with my personal learning and joined facebook developer circle and participated in Andela learning community programs, my core stacks are PHP,JavaScript,Vue, Laravel etc.

Below is the link to my GitHub and portfolio.




At SheHacks Africa, interns were grouped into teams, each team had to peach a project and business model at the end of the program. as one of the team leads I had to get my team organized and ensured we had a project and business model.


What attracts me to this project, is the environmental impact achieved through open technology


By creating awareness about our environmental challenges and proffering solutions to these problems, we are enlightening people and creating a more environmentally cautious community, which will be beneficial to all in the long run.


I understand this is a serious commitment, equivalent to a full time summer job, I don't have commitments schedule for the duration of this program.


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