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Public Lab Desktop Spectrometry Kit arrived

by pluharj |

I have received Desktop Spectrometry Kit from Kickstarter in the Czech Republic today. I immediately folded it up and tested. You can see some spectra of CFL (fluorescent bulbs) in my profile already. They are not perfect but I am quite surprised.



Fantastic! Can you link to or embed some of your spectra?

Sure Warren, here is a new post

I wish I had seen your picture before, I probably ruined my lens by trying to peel of the filter, the instruction photo shows a filter that seems to look a lot thicker than my actual filter was, or did I only peel of a layer of the filter, is that possible?

I think it is not possible. The filter is placed under the lens, so you need to unmount the whole part as shown on the picture above and then removing the filter was very easy. It is a thin solid filter made of glass, so I don't think you can peel of just a layer of it. Can you upload your picture on public place like Picassa or Dropbox and share your link here? Thanx

I posted a picture here: What do you think?

This is the IR filter, it is just slightly broken.

I would remove the rest of the filter with caution if necessary and then mount the lens back into the webcam and checked with some webcam program (for example Cheese for linux) if the image is not distorted. I hope everything is going to be alright.

Have a nice spectral weekend :D

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