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spectrum of a 7w lexman light bulb

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I took this photo with a mobile using a handmade spectrophotometer


I took this photo with a mobile using a handmade spectrophotometer

Hello Pepespectrum, Was this image edited? The other similar post you did does not look very well defined. What were the parameters? (slit size, diffraction grating 1000/mm?, smartphone?)

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yes, this image was may be too much edited, but I didn't took the same photo that I put in the post before, I had a much clearer photo. I used a piece of CD for diffraction. I posted another spectrum with the last and best photo I took, that was quite clear an defined, without so much edition, I think I named this post 3new spectrum... the rest is similar. the phone I used was aquarius bq

This photo does not look like it was taken with a mobile phone (the image quality and dynamic range are too high) and it does not look like a CD or DVD was used as a diffraction grating (the diffraction lines would be curved).


Yes, it was curved but I edited the image, may be too much in this post. I put another post named 3new spectrum of a 7w... but it has desapeared I think, This were the final photo I took without any edition, I just cut it. As I said I put it in another post with very little edition but I can't see it now. I don't mannage very well with this. I took the photo just with a bq aquarius, and I made a box with black cardboard, a small and thin hole in one side and a piece of CD in the other. It was not a cubed box, it was alongate, and the results as you see were pretty good. I hope you can see them




with a little edition (touch the contrast mainly, put the lines straight with photoshop) I put the picture in another post and calibrated the spectrum, that I compared to other known spectrums (that I inverted to put in the same way that mine), but I can't find the post now, I think it has disappeared. WhatsApp_Image_2018-11-18_at_18.59.34.jpeg

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