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Comparing the water In Bayou St. John and the Mississippi River

by pawpatrol | February 19, 2021 17:21 19 Feb 17:21 | #25740 | #25740

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The purpose of this activity is for us to compare the water of Bayou St. John to the Mississippi River water

Tools needed:

Ph paper, turbidity tube, salinity probe, and micro-plastics filter, stereoscope, digital monitor, and test tubes


Collect the water from our local water biomes

Use our scientific instruments to determine the amount of micro plastics, turbidity, salinity, and Ph of both of our water sources.

Compare our results in both experiments to see which water biome is cleaner.

Wrap up

This experiment will help us determine which water biome is cleaner. With these results, we can become more aware of what is in the local water sources. We can also use these results to help us understand how we can help clean the water, making the water more environmentally friendly.

Will bayou water actually be cleaner than river water?

What will we do with the results?

Can we help clean our water biomes, making them safer?


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