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Low altitude test of the AR Parrot 2 and Swann "thumb" camera

by patcoyle | August 26, 2012 05:59 26 Aug 05:59 | #3465 | #3465

Posted to the lists on first test flight of just the AR. Then on this: Tested the Swann "thumb" camera strapped under the AR Parrot 2. "Training wheel" settings are still on, so altitude is low, maybe 15-20 feet.

See videos at:; includes one inside recorded by the AR and stored on iPhone as well as an edited version of the Swann video attached below the AR (in placing it, have to avoid the downward camera and the sonar sensors).

Photos are at:; the ones outside are extracted frames from the video. Resolution is 1280 x 720, so if can be flown safely at higher altitude (maybe closer to the 50m wifi range limit), may be useable for mapping in some limited contexts.

The date and time stamp are not set. Involves, running a Windows program prior to use. Don't know if can eliminate it.

However, as I wrote initially and others have restated, the AR Parrot 2 is a toy, it also brings the drone "baggage", and the cautionary notes, especially those of lost, fly-away drones are sobering. I'll proceed with caution.But, it is fun!


it would be a good low-altitude option to use with stills, and potentially coded ground control points. thanks for trying it out.

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