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August Pine Ridge RC school, Belize mapping session

by patcoyle | March 03, 2013 23:24 03 Mar 23:24 | #6175 | #6175

I met Blanca Torres, the principal, other school staff and the fifth-grade class at the August Pine Ridge RC school. We flew a kite aerial mapping session together and demonstrated Mapknitter.

There has been an ongoing partnership between Belize Open Source ( and the August Pine Ridge community and the school. In 2008 I worked with the Village Council to finalize an Engineers Without Borders (EWB) proposal for August Pine Ridge Community Improvement Projects. It was accepted by EWB-USA and EWB-Cleveland State took on the project. In 2012, the CSU EWB team finished the new classrooms building and participated in a dedication celebration at the school.

The map includes this new classroom building, most of the rest of the school site and adjacent areas of the community.

This is part of a Belize mapping initiative that I've been pursuing for some time, with interactions with Jeff Warren and Stewart Long to start a grassroots mapping program in Belize to engage schools, develop capabilities and make an initial set of maps (first ones of the Belize Open Source property, August Pine Ridge school classrooms and surrounding community, and other ones associated with the first participating schools).

See related note regarding Muffles Junior College campus near Orange Walk Town, where we also did two kite aerial mapping sessions together and demonstrated Mapknitter.

The initial map is here and below:


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