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Pajaro Dunes KAP with Public Lab Kite kit Delta

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by patcoyle | December 28, 2013 19:51 | 2,507 views | 1 comments | shortlink 28 Dec 19:51

What I want to do

Continue flying Public Lab Kite kit Delta. Image below shows SX260HS in juice bottle rig with two-point attachment to kite line with looped line, S-biners and Brooks hangups.


My attempt and results

Videos shows Gomberg's 9' (274 cm) Dazzle Delta flies well, but wind conditions were too light to lift dual cameras. Did better with single SX260HS camera. However in light wind, flight was low altitude.

Map of selected images

Questions and next steps

Continue to exercise the kites from the PL kit.

Tags: kite-mapping


Nice first steps!

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