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updated map from 2012 Barnraising session November 2-4, 2012 at LUMCON, Cocodrie, LA

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This updated map is a follow up from our 2012 Barnraising session November 2-4, 2012 at LUMCON, Cocodrie, LA.

We have the spectacular high altitude balloon flight map that Stewart Long made in Photoshop and Chris Fastie’s visible/IR/NRG/NDVI maps. This related map is from those who flew the Delta with Canon A1200 shooting in continuous mode. Special thanks to Don Blair, Alexandra Miller, and Jeffrey Goodman, who flew the rig (first flight for some, I think) and covered a good portion of the site. We shot for about an hour and captured over 2000 visible images. At some point in the flight, the camera shifted in the juice-bottle housing, so the edge of the housing showed in the images. I cropped the intrusive portion and included the better images in the selected set I made available to work with.

I love the airborne Tyvek Delta captured in lower right of map (built in session Mathew Lippincott put on).


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