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Mobius with IR cut filter at lens housing

by patcoyle | August 09, 2015 01:32 09 Aug 01:32 | #12126 | #12126

What I want to do

Add the IR cut filter at the lens housing for the visible Mobius camera to allow changing lenses without having to fit the filter into each lens.

Continue to explore non-fish-eye lens options for use with Mobius Infragram plant cam and standard visible imagery Mobius. See prior note and note and prior note and note and note and note.

My attempt and results

The lens holder with IR filter came, but the IR cut filter was too large.



However, I used similar approach using a rubber washer and one of the 9.5mm IR cut lenses..





While the first attempt could be improved on, it worked reasonably well. As always care around the sensor is important. I think I dinged it and have a resulting spot in the imagery.

This video shows conversion and results:

Questions and next steps

Continue to evaluate filter mounting approaches and test applications, particularly with small kites, small balloons, and UAVs.

Why I'm interested

I'm interested in using the Mobius plant cam and visible unit with non-fish-eye lenses with the filters placed in the lens mount near the sensor for flexibility in changing lenses. These cameras with non-fish-eye lenses make for a compact aerial mapping solution.


Pat, this might ruin the lens focus, but I have a few of these filter-switchers sitting around:

I can send one to you, I don't think I'll get a chance to play with one and a mobius myself. I doubt the current case will fit a switcher.

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Thanks Mathew, I didn't see this earlier. I'll pass. I'm happy with our as-shipped infragram plant cam filter material and the IR cut filters for the visible unit. Pat

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