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Mobius dual rig with non-fish-eye lens

by patcoyle | August 03, 2015 05:08 03 Aug 05:08 | #12116 | #12116

What I want to do

Continue to explore non-fish-eye lens options for use with Mobius Infragram plant cam and standard visible imagery Mobius.See prior note and prior note and note and note and note.

Test dual camera configuration with visible and Infragram plant cam.

My attempt and results

A friend wanted to get aerial imagery showing dry spots in his back yard lawn to be able to revise his sprinkler system.

We prepared the dual cameras in bottle-top rig (about 126g):


However the small Stowaway Delta was unable to sustain flight in the light winds. We instead launched the 9' Levitation Delta and got it into stable wind before clipping on our rig.


Both cameras ran well. The Mobius Infragram plant cam had the 8mm lens; and the visible Mobius a 12mm lens with IR cut filter glued to the back of the lens (in image below, the protective film is still in place).


Photoshop photomerges of selected images:


NDVI of cropped version from Ned Horning Photomonitoring plugin




Questions and next steps

Check focus on both lenses. Add the filter at the lens housing for the visible unit. Continue to test applications, particularly with small kites and small balloons.

Why I'm interested

I'm interested in using the Mobius plant cam and visible unit with non-fish-eye lenses. This dual camera approach makes for a compact solution.


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