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by patcoyle | July 12, 2014 05:42 12 Jul 05:42 | #10681 | #10681

What I want to do

Visit and meet the PL team in Portland. See the kit fulfillment center.

My attempt and results

Kathy and I stopped by for a few minutes at end of visit to see my brother and his family. Met Natalie and Noah. Becki was tied up and Mathew was out of town. Bought three of the balloon mapping kit o-rings, looked at the Mobius Infragram camera, discussd swivel options for kite lines, and heard of the Instagram sharing initiative Natalie launched today.

Small world, Noah went to high school a few miles from where we live and has a family friend who worked with me at LLNL.

Main image is panorama of iPhone images done with $1.99 Autostitch app.



Questions and next steps

Just pleased to see where PL fulfillments go through.

Why I'm interested

Appreciating how PL team gets our stuff from wishes to packages at our doorsteps.


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