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A490 Rosco 2007 initial results

by patcoyle | July 09, 2013 22:57 09 Jul 22:57 | #8785 | #8785

Modified A490 that had been previously converted to NIR and used for dual camera NDVI to the single camera Infragram approach. With the Infragram Kickstarter completed, we will soon have increasing numbers of people using this technique. Needed to get on board, get started with this approach.

Photos show camera with external filter change and initial results comparing the dual camera NDVI results with those from the single camera (updated with day later, comparable scene). Jeff Warren did initial A490 conversion to NIR, Mathew Lippincott provided filter material, Chris Fastie's tips on conversion were very helpful, post processing with Ned Horning's PhotoMonitoring Fiji too and Don Blair, et al's web based software (http://infrapix.pvos.org/)l. Day-of conversion, shooting and discussion was with Jack Toeppen.


Questions and next steps relate to exploring usefulness for assessing vegetative health, exploring camera settings, white balance choices. There is extensive discussion on the lists and research notes about quantitative results vs interesting images.


Processed image from dual vis/nir pair


Blue file folder used for custom white balance


Comparable scene, next day, processed image from Rosco 2007 with blue file folder used for custom white balance


Processed image from Rosco 2007

Processed images from Rosco 2007, using web tool:










So with this setup I do not need two cameras?... I just finished making this tonight and I am hoping to snap some pictures tomorrow

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