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Suggests fundraising opportunities: KAP before SF Rotary walk 5-17-14

by patcoyle | May 24, 2014 04:41 24 May 04:41 | #10509 | #10509

What I want to do

Demonstrate Public Lab tools and invite discussion whenever it is appropriate. This Rotary event suggests ways to fund raise for projects.

My attempt and results

I joined my wife's Livermore Rotary club annual San Francisco walk. They've been doing it for years, varying the route, over time. We've done it several times before. All paid $125 to participate, with proceeds to support designated projects. This time, after our group met for breakfast at Eagles Nest at Pier 39, I flew a short KAP session. It was ad hoc, not on the agenda.



At ~11 am, we got on the ferry to Sausalito at Pier 41, then walked to the Bay Model Visitor Center, Army Corps of Engineers Museum, had a potluck picnic, then across the Golden Gate Bridge, through Christy Field, Fort Mason, then back to the Franciscan for dinner: ~10 miles.

At the San Francisco Engineers Without Borders EC meeting, the next week, I suggested this could be a model for fundraising events. Perhaps a more focused meetup at a lower price point, lots of hands-on use of the tools, then a meal or happy hour. We'll look at doing one showcasing aerial photomapping and other Public Lab tools. Perhaps making composting toilets, ala Mathew Lippincott's 5-gallon pail models as described in A Sewer Catastrophe Companion: Dry Toilets for Wet Disasters.


I stitched a few images with MapKnitter:

Here is AutoDesk 123DCatch model:

Questions and next steps

Continue to look for opportunities to demonstrate Public Lab tools and invite discussion when it is appropriate. Look for ways to do similar events to fund raise for projects or do outreach and educational initiatives.

Why I'm interested

Public Lab tools are compelling, people like meeting up and using them, and I want to look for ways to do similar events to fund raise for projects.


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